Statement of Rental Policy

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Welcome to our community. Before you apply to rent a unit at The Park at Westcreek, please take the time to review this Statement of Rental Policy. The term “applicant(s)” under these criteria means the person or persons that will be signing the Lease as “resident”; the term “occupant(s)” in these criteria means the person or persons that are authorized occupants under the Lease. Some of our criteria apply to the applicants only; other criteria apply to all adult occupants. Please also note that these are our current rental criteria; nothing contained in these requirements shall constitute a guarantee or representation by us that all residents and occupants currently residing at The Park at westcreek have met these requirements. There may be residents and occupants that have resided at The Park at Westcreek prior to these going into effect; additionally, our ability to verify whether these requirements have been met is limited to the information we receive from the various resident credit reporting services used. It is the policy of The Park at Westcreek to do business in accordance with all applicable Fair Housing laws.

AGE: Applicants must be 18 years of age.

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: A $150.00 non-refundable administrative fee is required on all apartments. This amount is included in the application deposit.

APPLICATION FEE: All applications require a $50.00/single, $65.00/joint non-refundable application fee, paid separately from the application deposit, by check or money order. All persons 18 years or older must pay an application fee for the criminal and credit check.

INCOME: Applicants must have verifiable source of monthly income equal to or greater than three (3) times the market monthly rental amount.


  • CREDIT: A satisfactory credit rating is required.
  • RESIDENCE HISTORY: The present and previous residence of each applicant or adult occupant will be verified and will require prompt payment histories, with no outstanding balances, lease defaults, or evictions.
  • EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: A minimum of six (6) months stable employment is required. Enrollment in advanced educational facilities is acceptable.
  • CRIMINAL HISTORY: No applicant or adult occupant may have felony convictions and /or misdemeanors, which involve moral turpitude (i.e., drug involvement, selling, manufacturing or possession of a controlled substance, prostitution, theft, etc.) , deferred adjudication for any such offense or probation for a felony as this may be considered reason for denial. Please remember that this requirement does not constitute a guarantee or representation that residents or occupants currently residing at The Park at Westcreek have not been convicted of a felony or are subject to deferred adjudication for a felony; there may be residents or occupants that have resided at The Park at Westcreek prior to this requirement going into effect; additionally, our ability to verify this information is limited to the information made available to us by the resident credit reporting services used.
  • COSIGNERS: Cosigners will be allowed for students only. The cosigner must be a family member and is required to pay an application fee. The cosigner will be subject to the same application policies concerning income and credit history.

OCCUPANCY: A family may occupy a unit if the family does not exceed two persons per bedroom plus a child who is less than three years old and who sleeps in the same bedroom with the child’s parent, guardian, legal custodian, or person applying for that status. Residents who have a child less than three years old at the time of rental application or lease renewal and residents whose child has reached three years of age during the lease term may be required, at that time, to either: (1) move into another available unit which has more bedrooms; or (2) move out. Rent for a larger unit will be at the rental rate at the time that the lease is entered into for the larger unit. For the purposes of this occupancy policy a “family” shall consist of the following persons: one or more individuals (who have not attained the age of 18 years) being domiciled with : (1) a parent or another person having legal custody of such individual or individuals; or (2) the designee of such parent or other person The term “family” shall also apply to any person who is pregnant or is in the process of securing legal custody of any individual who has not attained the age of 18 years.

  • One Bedroom/One bath…..…………………(Plans A, B, & C)…………………..Two Occupants
  • Two Bedroom/One bath…….…………(Plan D)..……….………..…Four Occupants
  • Two Bedroom/Two bath……………………….(Plans E & F)…………………………Four Occupants
  • ThreeBedroom/Two bath……………………..(Plan G)…………………………………Six Occupants

REASONS FOR DENIAL: Applicant(s) may be denied occupancy for the following reasons:

  • Falsification of the application by any applicant.
  • Incomplete application by any applicant.
  • Insufficient income (total of all applicants).
  • Criminal conviction by applicant or occupants (including children).
  • Poor credit history of any applicants (credit reports are obtained).
  • Poor rental profile of any applicants (rental history reports are obtained).
  • Non-payment or frequent late payments of rent.
  • Eviction.
  • Drug use.
  • Poor housekeeping.
  • Poor supervison of applicant’s children.
  • Unruly or destructive behavior by applicant, applicant’s children or guests.
  • Violence to persons or property by applicant, applicant’s children or guests.

PETS: Pets may be accepted with a 25 lb. weight limit at full growth, or if the pet is used as an aid for a handicapped applicant or proposed occupant. A $600 pet deposit ($300.00 non-refundable) per pet is required, to be paid in full prior to move in. A maximum of one pet per apartment home. Cat and/or dog only please. Pets will be subject to community policies.

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